James Carpenter


Vulnerability: Poster Design, Fall 2015

I designed three cohesive posters based off of a topic. I began mine with the importance of communication rather than confrontation.

I first began by photographing the human form to make a relationship to the body in its most vulnerable stage; this became my main imagery for the posters. Then, I chose a color palette that would make no relationships to already built stereotypes on the topics. By using a cohesive grid and header message my posters became unified but are also allowed to stand alone and spread the same concept. Three dimensional pieces then became an important part of my posters. I added elements to each poster depending on the topic demonstrated.

Do not be afraid of the unknown. Ask the questions you want to know and hopefully you will receive the answers you need to hear. Being vulnerable and exploring new topics is vital to the human race. It is important for the educated to pass on their knowledge to the uneducated. Learn new topics so you can then pass on your knowledge.